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Adult Critical Care

AquaVENT FD140i

The AquaVENT® FD140i dual gas flow driver is the only device specifically designed to deliver CPAP and HFOT. Designed for ease of use it delivers safe and effective CPAP and HFOT for Neonatal, Paediatric and Adult Patients.

An image of the AquaVENT Heater Humidifier

The AquaVent® Heater Humidifier is used to warm and humidify gases delivered to patients who require respiratory support.

Product Specification

Electrical Rating: Supply Frequency: 50-60Hz
Supply Voltage: 230V ± 23V
Supply Current: 1.0A max at 230V
Heater Plate: 150W
Wire Capacity: 60W
Digital display
Dimensions:W135mm x D170mm x H156mm (without chamber)

Weight: 2.9kg (without chamber)

A man sitting in a chair with a breathing mask, showing CPAP breathing circuits by Armstrong Medical

AquaVENT® heated and humidified breathing circuits can be customised for both CPAP or High Flow, helping reduce clinical waste and streamline delivery of care.

A 3D rendering of the AquaVENT VT Ventilator Circuit expiratory limb

An advanced ventilator circuit that intuitively manages moisture throughout the system allowing you to focus on the patient.

3D rendering of a expiratory limb

Includes CombiFlex® & Watertrap Ventilatior Circuits.

Ventilator circuits made by Armstrong Medical.

Our transport ventilator circuits are manufactured for use with the majority transport ventilator systems including Dräger Oxylog® 1000, 2000, 3000 and 3000 plus, Smiths Pneupac® and paraPac® models. 

Catheter Mounts Armstrong Medical | Medical Device Manufacturer

We offer an extensive range of catheter mounts for anaesthesia and intensive care applications.

Flow Meter Armstrong Medical | Medical Device Manufacturer

Armstrong Medical provides oxygen flow meters to be connected to high flow and low flow blenders.

Neonatal Critical Care

A neonate receiving neonatal care via a t-piece resuscitation circuit

NeoFlow® Resuscitation Limbs are supplied with BioCote®, antimicrobial protection, protecting it from microbial colonisation.

A neonatal blender with the neonatal blender buddy

NeoFlow® blender can be connected to any neonatal resuscitator for accurate control of flow and O₂ concentration.

Perioperative Care

Image of the ultra select airway procedure pack / kit product

Reduce packaging waste and improve convenience with Ultra Select Airway Procedure pack.

A medical professional setting up an Armstrong Medical Max Venturi flow driver.

The MaxVenturi has been specifically designed to work with high-flow humidification systems to deliver CPAP and HFOT to adults. Using the well-established Venturi principle, the MaxVenturi® to mix ambient air and oxygen without the need for piped medical grade air.

Product Specification

•  O₂ measurement Range: 0 to 100%

•  Display Resolution: 0.1%

•  Accuracy and Linearity: 1% of full scale at constant temperature, relative humidity, and pressure when calibrated at full scale

•  Total Accuracy: ±3% actual oxygen level over full operating temperature range

•  Response Time: 90% of final value in approximately 15 seconds at 23 ̊C

•  No warm-up time required

•  Operating Temperature: 15 ̊C to 40 ̊C (59  ̊F to 104  ̊F)

•  Storage Temperature: -15 ̊C to 50 ̊C (5 ̊F to 122 ̊F)

•  Atmospheric Pressure: 800 to 1013 mBars

•  Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)

•  Power Requirements: Two (2) AA alkaline batteries (2 x 1.5 volts)

•  Battery Life: Approximately 5,000 hours with continuous use

•  Low Battery Indication: Battery icon displayed on LCD

•  Sensor Type: Maxtec MAX-250 Series galvanic fuel cell

•  Expected Sensor Life: MAX-250E >1,500,000 O₂ percent hours minimum (around two years with standard medical usage)

•  Dimensions: 7.3 ̋x 6.6 ̋x 5.3 ̋ (185 mm x 167 mm x 135 mm)

•  Weight: 2.54 lbs (1152 grams)

•  Drift of Measurement: < +/-1% of full scale at constant temperature, pressure and humidity.

1 Videos

Paediatric Critical Care

Child wearing a paediatric NIV Face Mask

The Paediatric ‘Cirri’ full face mask for non-invasive ventilation (NIV) provides a comfortable and effective option for your smallest paediatric patients.

Medical Specialties

image of a neira guard by Armstrong Medical

Neria™ Guard is an all-in-one soft infusion set with an integrated one touch inserter. With a unique, automatically retracting needle, Neria Guard™ can help minimise complications and improve insertion comfort.

XLED Handles distributed by Armstrong Medical. Fibre optic laryngoscope handle

A new generation of laryngoscope handle.

Single use skin laryngoscope handle distributed by Armstrong medical.
The Timesco Single Use Skin (SUS) is a unique laryngoscope handle designed to be compatible with all Timesco EES Engines.
Timesco shakerscope and handles, distributed in Ireland by Armstring Medical.

The Shakerscope Engine is the only Kinetically powered battery engine available for medical device handles. Protected by worldwide patents, the Shakerscope Engine means never buying batteries again, ever.

Close up of an orion larngoscope system for use in respiratory care

A traditional bulb in blade combination, Orion reusable handles and blades offer a competitive alternative to fibre optic light.

Close up of an optima fibre optic laryngoscope blade for use in respiratory care

The Optima CLX reusable laryngoscope system has been designed to reduce the likelihood of protein deposits remaining after each blade sterilisation.

Layryngoscope rechargeable battery engine. Laryngoscopic Systems

The Shakerscope Engine is the only Kinetically powered battery engine available for medical device handles. Protected by worldwide patents, the Shakerscope Engine means never buying batteries again, ever.

Timesco ION Engine. Timesco Laryngoscope

A super bright LED laryngoscope system with the efficiency to provide up to 10 years of theatre use from one set of batteries and tells you when the batteries need replacing

Close up on a single use Timesco Callisto fibre optic laryngoscope, distributed in Ireland by Armstrong Medical

The Single Use Callisto system looks and feels like a reusable fibre optic blade at a disposable price.

close up of redax silicone drainage systems. The tube in the foreground is a spinal drain.

Redax® Drains are designed using the most sophisticated technologies to deliver simple and reliable solutions aimed at completely satisfying clinical drainage.

Constant Low Vacuum Wound Drainage System with an output bag attached, made by Armstrong Medical.

Manufactured by Summit Medical, the LowVac® Plus is a constant low vacuum wound drainage system.

picture of a pile of different sized exsanguinating touniquets

An innovative, sterile, single use device providing exsanguination, arterial flow occlusion and sterile stockinette application in one easy movement.

Bone cement mixing and delivery tools made by Armstrong Medical.

A range of bone cement mixing and delivery tools to enable theatre staff to produce high quality cement; critical to long-term joint survival.