NeoFlow® VT Infant Heated and Humidified Ventilator Circuits

NeoFlow® VT, advanced neonatal ventilator circuits that intuitively manage moisture throughout the system, reach the optimum therapy delivery quickly and maintain it consistently.

NeoFlow® VT

Infant Heated & Humidified Ventilator Circuits

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Our unique Swivel Y-Piece has 3-point rotation;

Enabling smooth movement when maintaining a fixed tracheal tube.

The expiratory limb uses a unique combination of polymers and production techniques to create a layered structure that allows only moisture vapour to escape, with no loss of gas volume from the circuit.

How does Vapour Transmission (VT) work?

VapourtechVT Armstrong Medical | Medical Device Manufacturer

NeoFlow® VT is part of the NeoFlow® range which includes medical equipment and circuits. The entire range has been designed to allow simple and easy transition between therapies saving both time and waste. Each circuit is designed for 7-day use on a single patient.

How to set up NeoFlow® VT Circuits

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Product Codes



Box Quantity


Dual heated limb circuit for Drager/Fabian (and similar) with NeoFlow® VT



Dual heated limb circuit for inspiratory flow <4lpm


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