High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFOT) for Perioperative Care

Medical equipment and circuitry to deliver heated and humidified HFOT for perioperative applications.

POINT® High Flow System

HFOT can support your patient through their surgical journey from pre-oxygenation right through to recovery.

Applications include:

Close up of an Armstrong Medical breathing Circuit used in High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFOT)
POINT Perioperative Care Armstrong Medical | Medical Device Manufacturer

Choice and flexibility in HFOT for perioperative care:

AquaVENT FD140i® – programmed with specific settings for the delivery of HFOT in Perioperative settings – POINT

POINT® High Flow system

AquaVENT® Circuits:

The Right Combination

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POINT® during Laryngeal Surgery

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In the following document, Mr Shaji Mansuri & Dr Arun Nair from the University Hospitals of Derby & Burton discuss implementing the THRIVE technique in clinical practice.

“As the POINT® system allows us to reduce the FiO2, this is particularly key in Trans-Oral Laser surgery. We are also finding there is the potential of improving our “turnaround time” which will improve our efficiency and productivity.”

   Mr Mansuri

Read the full Q&A document by Mr Mansuri & Dr Nair here.

Efficacy of High Flow Nasal Oxygen in Head and Neck surgery

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POINT® 70L/min



POINT® Blender complete system.


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