Ultra-PEP is used to mobilise secretions and thus assist with airway clearance.

Airway clearance simplified

Stasis of secretions in respiratory diseases leads to chronic infection, inflammation and reduced gas exchange. 

Ultra-PEP is used to mobilise secretions, help prevent or reverse post-operative atelectasis thus helping assist with airway clearance.

  1. Device functions in any orientation.
  2. Lightweight, portable and easy to use.
  3. Visual feedback increases effective use.
  4. Graduated rotation gives precise adjustment of pressure.
  5. Detachable mouthpiece for fitting to tracheostomy tube or facemask.

In a survey conducted by Armstrong Medical, we evaluated 70 customers with the following results:

Image of Ultra-PEP with a person blowing into the machine with each part labeled. Manufcatured by Armstrong Medical. Device to help with airway clearance, secretion clearance.
A woman wearing an Armstrong Medical AquaNASE nasal cannula, holding an Ultra-PEP.

AquaNASE® and Ultra-PEP

High flow humidified PEP combines two respiratory therapies for the prevention and treatment of complications cause my retained secretions. 

Humidified high flow with AquaNASE® maintains mucociliary function and improves oxygenation by delivering flows close to the patients’ peak inspiratory requirement. 

Ultra-PEP is used to mobilise secretions, assist with airway clearance and prevent or reverse post-operative atelectasis. 

Secretion Clearance

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