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25th February 2013

Invested in Growth

Armstrong Medical Ltd is delighted to announce the creation of two new jobs in their Precision Engineering Department.

5th February 2013

Arab Health 2013 Exhibition, Dubai

Armstrong Medical completes a successful Arab Health Exhibition, Dubai 28 - 31 January 2013.

3rd January 2013

TSCI Rename Themselves ‘The 37Company’

TSCI, a Patient Temperature Management company has renamed themselves ‘The 37Company’.

11th December 2012

Business In The Community

Armstrong Medical Ltd has joined 10,700 other business which are engaged with Business in the Community.

6th December 2012

Helping Charity ‘Make a Million’

A group of energetic staff members in Armstrong Medical have fundraised to date approximately £7,000 for the Prince’s Trust.

28th August 2012

Deliveries to customers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Armstrong Medical deliveries within Ireland remain unaffected due to Target Express withdrawal from market.

27th July 2012

Armstrong Medical Encourage Business Success

Armstrong Medical take delight in the success of local business graduates by sponsoring a top prize.

4th July 2012

Armstrong Medical Compete to ‘Make a Million’

Each company will undertake the challenge to turn an initial £1,500 investment into a fundraising profit of £10,000.

20th April 2012

Armstrong Medical Nominated for National Recognition

Armstrong Medical has been nominated by Gregory Campbell, MP for the nationwide ‘Made by Britain’ award.