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Antimicrobial Protection

BioCote® is an antimicrobial silver additive used to limit the numbers of microbes on the surface of breathing circuits.
Diagram showing the difference of an untreated vs treated by biocote surface

Many of the Armstrong Medical Breathing Systems, for example our AquaVENT® Heated Breathing Systems range, are protected by BioCote®, an antimicrobial silver additive is included in our circuits to limit the numbers of microbes on the surface of the breathing circuit, protecting it from microbial colonisation.

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How BioCote® technology works

BioCote technology protects products by binding with microbes contaminating its surface. Microbes do not survive being exposed to BioCote® technology.

BioCote technology is an ideal way maintaining a more hygienic product surface between cleans.


Biocote® antimicrobial protection is effective against a board spectrum of micro – organisms:

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