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It’s the little things, Neonatal Nurse Meeting

Neonatal nurses from the UK, ROI and Poland took part in Armstrong Medical’s two-day Neonatal Nurse autumn meeting, which recently took place in Coleraine.
Neonatal nurse training at Armstrong Medical

Under the title of “It’s the little things”, the meeting was the first post-pandemic opportunity to get customer visits back on the calendar and the agenda provided an excellent mix of theory and practical education, as well as an opportunity for peer engagement.

Speaking at the event Eakin Healthcare CEO, Jeremy Eakin said: “We are thrilled to get our face-to-face customer visits back up and running.  One of our core values is putting our customer at the heart of everything we do; from the design of our product right through to our training and support; so, this event is our opportunity to listen to our customers and learn more about the challenges they face in delivering care to premature babies. It has been a pleasure to show the guests around our factory to demonstrate the care and thought that goes into our manufacturing.”

“We believe in working in partnership with our customers to place the right products in the hands of experts and supporting them where we can.  Thank you to everyone who attended, and I look forward to hosting future events at Armstrong Medical.”

Areas of learning at the event included the life-saving properties of Kangaroo Care, the challenges faced with delivering nCPAP in NICU,  the benefits of music therapy in NICU, an introduction to NIDCAP, palliative care and bereavement in NICU and the psychological support of staff and families in NICU.

Armstrong Medical’s NeoFlow range of neonatal products are designed with ease-of-use, comfort and care in mind.  It’s the ‘little things’ like the triple swivel Y-Piece on NeoFlow VT breathing circuits, enabling easier movement of the baby and the stability of our NeoFlow bonnets for nCPAP delivery, that enables neonatal nurses to focus on the baby and not the equipment.

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