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Working Together. Improving lives – Sustainably

Armstrong Medical, now part of Eakin Healthcare, are an organisation that take pride in doing the right thing and doing the right thing well.
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Armstrong Medical, now part of Eakin Healthcare, are an organisation that take pride in doing the right thing and doing the right thing well.

Our products play a critical role in ensuring and preserving quality of life and in the case of our Respiratory products, they can be lifesaving. However, as many of our products contain plastic, are packaged in plastic, and cannot be recycled after they have been used, we are an organisation with an outsized environmental impact.

We clearly recognise the negative impacts the plastic in our products can have, but we also feel it is important to measure the outsized positive impact plastic has had on healthcare. For our purposes, plastic makes our products safe, affordable and where we use plastic packaging it is generally necessitated to ensure our products reach their intended usage in the condition required. It is therefore critical to balance the societal benefits and environmental impacts of our products and demonstrate an earnest and credible commitment to making our products as sustainable as we can.

This delicate balance necessitates a strategic approach that allows us to make short, medium, and long-term objectives a reality. We recognise that several of our most significant challenges may take years to resolve and that suitable solutions will require significant investment. Our approach is enshrined within our five-year sustainability plan which commenced in 2022 and outlines actions that we will take in focus the areas of waste, energy and packaging in the first instance, widening out to include supply chain and product in years three to five.

The foundational commitment of our strategy is to be net-zero by 2045, with an interim target to have our operations net-zero by 2030. This is an area where we have made significant gains in the previous two years. Since the publication of our strategy, we have invested over half a million pounds in energy efficiency, increased our solar PV facilities to self-generate 13% of our power demand and started to procure exclusively green electricity to meet our remaining power demand. These actions have allowed Eakin Healthcare to reduce our climate impact efficiently where we have the direct facility to do so. This has resulted in our operational emissions reducing by two thirds which is equivalent to nearly 800 transatlantic return flights.

Furthermore, we have started to address our indirect climate impacts through the measurement of our ‘value chain’ scope 3 emissions. Although this is within its early stages, we have been able to estimate our value chain climate impact and start to engage with key suppliers. As most of our climate impact is within our value chain, it is crucial that we bring our supply chain on our journey. In 2023/24 we initiated and completed a supply chain scoring exercise with our top 50 suppliers. Eakin Healthcare now have an environmental benchmark on our supply base and a mechanism to continue scoring our supply chain into the future. We intend to repeat this exercise every three years to measure improvement and provide feedback so that our suppliers have a clear pathway to assist in our net-zero journey.

Finally, the previous twelve months has been an important development period for our sustainability lead team. This team represents a cross section of our business which enables Eakin Healthcare to put our customers, our products and processes firmly within any decisions that we intend to make. It also allows for pragmatic discourse on developing solutions to difficult problems and provides an efficient mechanism for monitoring our progress to plan and shape future annual plans in line with strategy. This is so important for Eakin as we start to move from the successes, we’ve had on reducing our direct impacts and start to concentrate our efforts on indirect impacts, i.e. our supply chain emissions and the end of life for our products and packaging.

Looking forward to the next twelve months we will continue to develop this function, collectively chart policies and procedures that embody sustainability into the fabric of the decision-making processes and maintain course on short term activities that will deliver further business and product improvements. I look forward to sharing our successes as we continue to strive to make our products and behaviours as sustainable as we can.

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Meet The Author - Dan Egerton

Sustainability Manager

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