UltraKeep MHI Set with PEEP

UltraKeep MHI Set with PEEP

Key Details

UltraKEEP is designed to maintain PEEP during manual ventilation.

The Ultra APL valve maintains a sensitive and accurate control of inspiratory pressures whilst an adjustable PEEP valve maintains prescribed PEEP enabling manual ventilation for the PEEP dependent patient.

  • Clear markings aid efficient set up and selection of inspiratory pressures
  • The Ultra APL valve allows the user to replicate ventilatory pressure to meet the patient’s requirements
  • The PEEP valve maintains PEEP during MHI with an adjustable range of 5-20cmH20
  • Available with disposable manometer gauge or for use with reusable analogue manometer gauges

Product Codes


UltraKEEP with 60cmH2O Ultra APL valve with 5 - 20 cmH2O adjustable PEEP valve, 2.0 litre latex-free breathing bag and bacterial viral breathing filter with fresh gas line length 2.1m.

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Product Code


Box Quantity: 20


Mini Bacterial viral filter, angled with CO2 port

Code Type Code
Product Code


Box Quantity: 50


Support Documents

File Type Size Date
Manual Ventilation
Manual Ventilation
984.41 KB 27th Feb 2018
Ultra APL Valve User Guide
Ultra APL Valve User Guide
908.45 KB 9th Nov 2017




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