nCPAP Therapy

nCPAP Therapy

Key Details

Non-invasive therapies including nCPAP are recommended to improve ventilation while protecting the lungs from more invasive techniques.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) supports baby’s spontaneous breathing by providing a non-invasive respiratory therapy that maintains low pressure distension in the airways during inspiration and expiration. Non-invasive therapies including CPAP are recommended to improve ventilation while protecting the lungs from more invasive techniques (1).

CPAP supports baby’s own respiratory effort, providing a way of treating respiratory distress while avoiding the complications associated with invasive ventilation (1,2,3). The low pressure distension maintained by a closed CPAP system is beneficial for infants in respiratory distress as the continuous pressure support aids alveolar recruitment & gas exchange, increases & maintains functional residual capacity and reduces work of breathing (1,4).
It should be delivered using a heated and humidified system to ensure patient comfort & tolerance to the therapy. The heat and humidity delivered to baby aids thermoregulation and can reduce the instance of infection by facilitating mucociliary transport.

The Neoflow range works to streamline delivery of care, save users time and reduce waste through dedicated therapy packs and easy therapy transitions to Invasive Ventilation and High Flow.

Featured Products

AquaVENT® NEO nCPAP Circuits

AquaVENT® NEO nCPAP circuits provide optimal humidity via nasal mask or prong with additional BioCote® antimicrobial protection. Our circuits are compatible with all common neonatal and paediatric nCPAP ventilators, flexibility of use reduces the need for multiple circuits, helping minimise waste.


Read more about our NeoFlow nCPAP Circuits.

NeoFlow nCPAP Generator Set

Using the complete NeoFlow nCPAP system, including NeoFlow Bonnet and NeoFlow Generator Set, helps caregiver maintain a stable midline placement to ensure optimal therapy and comfort for baby.


Read more about our NeoFlow nCPAP Generator.

NeoFlow nCPAP Silencer

NeoFlow nCPAP Silencer is suitable for single use in combination with nCPAP therapy.


Read more about our NeoFlow nCPAP Silencer.

AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier

The AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier maintains consistent heat to the breathing circuit even at low tidal volumes, delivering optimal humidity to infants who require respiratory support via nCPAP generator.


Read more about our AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier.

BioCote® Antimicrobial Silver Technology

Our neonatal breathing systems are supplied with BioCote®, an antimicrobial silver additive to limit the numbers of microbes on the surface of the breathing circuit, protecting it from microbial colonisation.



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