Invasive Ventilation Therapy

Invasive Ventilation Therapy

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Breathing support is an important part of the clinical management of babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.

In neonatal care, breathing support is an important part of the clinical management of babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  Use of an artificial airway and full ventilatory support may be required to assist infants with their breathing and this should be delivered with heated and humidified gases to increase the infant’s comfort, promote growth & development and lower infection risk during invasive respiratory therapy.

Successful ventilation of premature neonates and small infants presents a unique set of challenges to neonatal nurses and clinicians.  Baby’s under-developed respiratory system and reduced respiratory drive need gentle therapy to support and oxygenate while avoiding long term damage.  Non-invasive therapies should be the ultimate aim and therefore it is important to use dynamic methods of ventilation with a goal of weaning to nCPAP or High Flow as condition improves (1,2).  Volume-targeted ventilation (VTV) is recommended for preterm babies needing invasive respiratory support with addition of High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation (HFOV) if required (2).

Featured Products

NeoFlow® VT

NeoFlow® VT, an advanced ventilator circuit that intuitively manages moisture throughout the system, reaches the optimum therapy delivery quickly and maintains it consistently.

Read more about our NeoFlow® VT Infant Heated and Humidified Ventilator Circuits.

AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier

The AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier maintains consistent heat to the breathing circuit even at low tidal volumes, delivering optimal humidity to infants who require respiratory support via an endotracheal tube.

Read more about our AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier.

BioCote® Antimicrobial Silver Technology

Our neonatal breathing systems are supplied with BioCote®, an antimicrobial silver additive to limit the numbers of microbes on the surface of the breathing circuit, protecting it from microbial colonisation.


1. Boxwell, G., Petty, J., & Kaiser, L. Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (2019).
2. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Specialist neonatal respiratory care for babies born preterm. NICE Guideline NG124. April 2019.

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