AquaVENT® Heater Humidifer

AquaVENT® Heater Humidifer

Key Details

The AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier is used to warm and humidify gases delivered to patients who require respiratory support via a tracheal tube, face mask or nasal cannula.


1. Invasive or non-invasive mode selection

2. Automatic temperature selection

3. Low and high temperature alarm

4. Over-temperature protection

5. Real-time temperature tracking display allows heated plate, chamber and airway temperature to be viewed

6. Digital display

7. Servo-controlled

The system includes:

Dimensions:W135mm x D170mm x H156mm (without chamber)

• Weight: 2.9kg (without chamber)

• Electrical Rating: Supply Frequency: 50-60Hz

• Supply Voltage: 230V ± 23V

• Supply Current: 1.0A max at 230V

• Heater Plate: 150W

• Wire Capacity: 60W

BioCote® Antimicrobial Silver Technology

AquaVENT® Heated Breathing Systems are supplied with BioCote®, an antimicrobial silver additive to limit the numbers of microbes on the surface of the breathing circuit, protecting it from microbial colonisation.

BioCote Time Lapse Video

Biocote® antimicrobial protection is effective against a board spectrum of micro – organisms:

Clostridium difficile          • Legionella pneumophila

• MRSA                                 • Pseudomonas aeruginosa

• Salmonella entertidis      • Salmonella typhimurium

• Staph aureus                      • Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus

• Aspergillus niger               • Aspergillus brasiliensis

• Candida albicans               • Penicillium sp.

• Influenza A H1N1

Product Codes

AquaVENT Heater Humidifier

AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier, servo-controlled (power cord United Kingdom).

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Product Code


Box Quantity: 1


AquaVENT Heater Humidifier

AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier, servo-controlled (power cord Europe).

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Product Code


Box Quantity: 1



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