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Remote Product Training, Support & Resources

Armstrong Medical provides virtual and face to face training sessions to provide the best support for medical teams.

The CPAP Helmet

NOT just for COVID-19

Excellence in Neonatal Care

Our first neonatal conference is a huge success!

NNA – Neonatal Nurses Association Conference 2021

Armstrong Medical proudly supported this year's NNA conference as platinum sponsor.

Respiratory Skills Course

This MedAll event "Respiratory Skills Course" on 18th February 2021 was sponsored by Armstrong Medical.

Conserving Oxygen During COVID-19 Pandemic

To conserve oxygen supply during times of potential shortage, alternative use of FD140 and FD140i can be a temporary intervention. Read full details on advice.

Neonatal Product Training and Education

Training and Education with Armstrong Medical Neonatal Specialists

NeoFlow: Complete Respiratory Care

The best possible start for neonates from their very first breath.

Armstrong Medical, a proud member of Eakin Healthcare Group

Eakin Healthcare Group acquires Armstrong Medical continuing an ambitious growth strategy