POINT®: High Flow, 1 Therapy 6 Ways

POINT® can benefit patients before, during and following surgery.

20th June 2021

POINT®: One therapy, Six Ways

POINT®  High Flow by Armstrong Medical is  transforming airway management across multiple perioperative applications. POINT® can benefit patients before, during and following surgery for obstetric, bariatric, laryngeal and difficult airway.

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Difficult Airways

POINT®  increases  first pass success  rates  and reduces the  incidences  of desaturation  in difficult airway surgery.

WATCH: Dr Stephen Mannion: What’s the POINT®? Why, when and how – the nuts and bolts of high flow nasal oxygen in anaesthesia care.

Bariatric  Surgery

POINT® reduces risk during intubation and extubation for bariatric patients.

Obese patients present a number of perioperative challenges: increased comorbidities, problematic positioning, regional anaesthesia difficult and increased likelihood of difficult airway.

WATCH: Dr E Sales Rezola analyses the benefits of POINT® High Flow in this difficult patient group.

Laryngeal Surgery

POINT®  improves  surgical  visualisation  during laryngeal surgery and reduces procedure times.

“Tubeless Anaesthesia for laryngeal surgery has revolutionised our practice. We used the POINT® system which allows the delivery of humidified HFNO at flow rates up to 80L/min and FiO2 of 0.21-1.0 as the sole method of oxygenation. This technique is the way forward.” Kavanagh F, Callaghan M, Young O.


Tubeless Anaesthesia for Laryngeal and Tracheal Surgery: A Surgeon’s Perspective. ENT & Audiology News 27;4:57-62.

WATCH: Dr Nabil Shallik:  Tubeless operation in upper airway surgery using STRIVE-HI.


POINT® is the optimal method of providing support for airway difficulties associated with pregnancy.

POINT® can transform the management of the difficult obstetric airway from a pressurised anxious situation by allowing time to carefully make considered decisions, potentially avoiding morbidity to mother and baby.


POINT®  reduces the  risk of desaturation  with  bronchoscopy, special care dentistry and regional anaesthesia.


Dr Rachel O’Farrell, Consultant Anaesthetist on POINT® in bronchoscopy.
“POINT® has enabled the provision of more complex procedures under deep sedation.”

WATCH: Dr Mary Molloy, Consultant Anaesthetist at the School of Dentistry, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.

“Use of POINT® High Flow system allows air blending and reduction in FiO2 so that patients are not exposed to prolonged sedation with 100% O2 and can be used to good effect in difficult patients, obese patients and known difficult airways.”


POINT®  offers enhanced  respiratory  support during post-operative recovery.

“Physiological benefits of HFNOT are suited to treating and attenuating the problems seen after major surgery.” Dr Ramesh Ekambaram.

WATCH: Use of high flow nasal oxygen therapy (HFNOT) in immediate post op recovery.

WAMM 2019

POINT® by Armstrong Medical was a premium sponsor at WAMM (World Airway Management Meeting) 2019.

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