Neonatal Product Training and Education

Training and Education with Armstrong Medical Neonatal Specialists

26th February 2021

Our Customer Service, Business Development and Training & Education teams are on hand to assist with product implementation and ongoing education and support for any NeoFlow products.  From initial engagement through to long-term support we are passionate about working alongside our customers and distributors to ensure the very best experience with Armstrong Medical NeoFlow products.

Change Management Projects in the NICU

The importance of Training and Education Support

Making changes and improvements can be daunting and it takes a big team effort to ensure success no matter how big or small the project. Within the neonatal unit it is important that the whole team works together to insure a good outcome and allow for improvements in practice and care.  Armstrong Medical values the importance of a partnership between the manufacturer and end-user and works to ensure quality training is provided when new products and practices are introduced. Our Customer Service and Training & Education teams build long lasting relationships with our customers to ensure continued successes with NeoFlow products in their neonatal units.

Emma McClure – Neonatal Product Specialist

Emma is responsible for delivering neonatal training and education projects in conjunction with neonatal departments in our UK and overseas markets.
She works closely with our sales teams and customers which enables her to better understand respiratory therapies, the products used and the challenges faced within the neonatal environment. Her role allows contact with a varied range of people, jobs and care areas all linking back to neonatal. Emma most enjoys working alongside neonatal departments to build strong relationships and ensure the success of Armstrong product in their department.

Chris Morris – Neonatal Sales Specialist (Northern England)

Chris Morris began his career as a nurse at the Coronary Care Unit in Barnsley Hospital. Chris worked at the unit for 10 years before moving to a medical sales company in 1997. As a Clinical Specialist, Chris trained employees across the company in all areas of critical care.
In his role at Armstrong Medical, Chris enjoys building relationships that support healthcare professionals to improve outcomes in neonatal critical care.

Amanda McAuley – Sales and Customer Service Manager

Amanda has more than 13 years of customer service experience with Armstrong Medical. As department manager she is responsible for a team of nine to ensure the on time supply of our critical care products and coordinate after sales support through training and education.

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