NeoFlow: Complete Respiratory Care

The best possible start for neonates from their very first breath.

11th January 2021

NeoFlow is a complete range of critical and supportive respiratory care solutions, designed to give neonates the best possible start from their very first breath.

We are incredibly proud of our NeoFlow range which we began developing in 2014, driven by demand from customers and global partners requesting our expertise in this space.

From early concept and throughout the innovation process, we worked closely with Neonatologists and NICU nurses to design a complete range of critical care products that deliver respiratory support for baby from resuscitation in the labour ward to invasive ventilation, nCPAP and High Flow.

All our neonatal circuits are protected by BioCote®.

Our Neonatal Product Specialist, Emma McClure explains:

Streamlined Respiratory Therapy Transition

NeoFlow supports healthcare professionals to improve outcomes in neonatal critical care.


The NeoFlow Range

Complete respiratory care.

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