Vapour Permeable Breathing Circuits

Optimal Humidity, Minimal Condensate

29th November 2021

Introducing our new AquaVENT® VT

Vapour permeable breathing circuits

Optimal humidity is essential in the management of invasively ventilated patients. However, with active humidification systems, water in the expiratory limb is often a problem. AquaVENT® VT is an advanced ventilator circuit that intuitively manages moisture throughout the system allowing you to focus on the patient. Like the entire AquaVENT® range, it is designed to get to the optimum therapy quickly and maintain it consistently.

Protected by BioCote®

AquaVENT® are the only critical care respiratory circuits with antimicrobial protection as standard.

All AquaVENT® circuits feature BioCote® silver ion technology giving them antimicrobial properties, creating a circuit upon which microbes cannot survive.
BioCote® is added to the polymer mix during manufacture making it an integral part of the circuit that cannot be scratched or wiped off.

The addition of BioCote® antimicrobial technology as standard is part of our commitment to help you provide the highest standards of patient care. Find out more.

Vapour Transmission (VT) - How does it work?

A vapour permeable expiratory limb allows the system to remain dry for the duration of the therapy. The unique layered design of our expiratory limb, which is heated above 40oC, achieves a high Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) letting the moisture vapour escape through the circuit wall. The circuit stays dry resulting in less filter changes & promotes a closed system.

  1. The expiratory limb remains absent of condensed water at ambient temperatures down to 20°C.
  2. This process of vapour permeability is not associated with loss of gas volume from the breathing circuit. It has no effect on ventilator performance or effectiveness under any clinical conditions.
  3. The high Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) is achieved through the unique properties of the layered structure of the expiratory limb.
  4. With circuit pressurisation and active heating of the expiratory limb, water vapour navigates a path through the layered structure.
  5. Water vapour is released to atmosphere.

Available for sale worldwide and nationally (available on NHS supply chain).

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