1 Device, 2 Therapies, Multiple Departments

The FD140i dual therapy High Flow and CPAP Flow Driver

4th December 2020

1 Device, 2 Therapies, Multiple Departments

Following international success of the FD140 high flow and CPAP device, we are pleased to launch the 2nd generation FD140i.

1 Device

1 device for optimum patient safety and ease of use.

  • Enhanced audible and visual alarms including respiratory rate and airway pressure.
  • Real time respiratory wave form helps deliver safe and effective CPAP.
  • The wave form helps users identify early when the patient is not responding to the therapy.

2 Therapies

Dual therapy flow driver to improve patient outcomes.

  • Earlier intervention with the correct therapy helps prevent or reduce escalation of care.
  • No delay in escalation from HFOT to CPAP waiting for available CPAP devices.
  • Easier transition from CPAP to HFOT for improved weaning and rest, oral hygiene, feeding and social purposes.

Multiple Departments

This versatile dual therapy device with specific modes for Neonatal, Paediatric and Adult patients, benefits multiple acute care departments by helping to streamline the delivery of care.

Further Reading

Clinical Summary – FD140i Delivering Safe & Effective CPAP.

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Dual High Flow Oxygen Therapy and CPAP Ventilation in a
Single Device for COVID-19

James Kelly et al. Read the full paper.


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