Distribution Ireland

Distribution products available in Ireland only.

Europa Standard Light Laryngoscope System

Choose Europa single use laryngoscope system for managing cross infection without compromising on performance and clinical specification.

Neria™ Guard

neria™ guard is a soft cannula infusion set with an integrated insertion device for simple insertions by the touch of a button. A retractable needle may eliminate accidental needle sticks and increase insertion technique comfort.

Niko-Fix™ securement device

Securement Devices

Optima CLX Fibre Optic Blades

The Optima CLX reusable laryngoscope system has been designed to reduce the likelihood of protein deposits remaining after each blade sterilisation.

Summit Medical Pulse Lavage

Wound debridement

Summit Medical Wound Drainage System

Post-operative surgical management

Timesco Callisto Fibre Optic Laryngoscope System

The Single Use Callisto system looks and feels like a reusable fibre optic blade... at a disposable price.

Timesco XLED Fibre Optic Handles

A new generation of laryngoscope handle.