Breathing Circuits

Mapleson Breathing Circuits

Mapleson circuits including C, D and F (Ayres T & Jackson Rees) with a variety of patient elbows, APL Valve and scavenging options.

POINT® High Flow System

POINT® (Peri-Operative Insufflatory Nasal Therapy) High Flow system delivers heated and humidified oxygen for peri operative applications including the THRIVE technique.

Coaxial circuits

Coaxial single-limb circuits designed for anaesthesia, accessories include integral gas sampling line, and APL valve for adaption to manual ventilation.

Y-Piece circuits

An extensive range of Y circuits including smooth bore, extendible and corrugated tubing with options to add breathing bag, gas sampling line and filter.

Circuits for use with Entonox®

Breathing Circuits for use with Entonox®

Spirale® Drug Delivery System

Spirale® Drug Delivery system (DDS) spacer for Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI)
Reduce the risk of pathogen transmission.

Recovery T-Pieces

Recovery T-Piece connectors