Airway Management

POINT® High Flow System

POINT® (Peri-Operative Insufflatory Nasal Therapy) delivers heated and humidified High Flow Oxygen Therapy for peri-operative applications including the THRIVE technique.

Airway Procedure Pack

Reduce packaging waste and improve convenience with Ultra Select procedure packs

AviAir® Bougie

AviAir® Bougie

Laryngeal Airways

Laryngeal airways with enhanced flexability and cuff pressure technology

Anaesthetic Face Masks

Our range of Anaesthetic Face Masks include inflatable, non inflatable, cuffed, moulded for both adult and paediatric patients.

Catheter Mounts

We offer an extensive range of catheter mounts for anaesthesia and intensive care applications.

Fixation and Bite Guard

Secura - Combined fixation and bite guard for use with oral tracheal tubes and supraglottic airways.