In Neonatal Care, resuscitation may be required to establish and/or maintain an infant’s independent breathing or assist with ventilation of the lungs in the first minutes of life. T-Piece resuscitation is recommended as the primary method of resuscitation globally to establish and maintain a clear airway while providing extra oxygen to help baby recover.

Infant Resuscitation Therapy

Resuscitation establishes and maintains a clear airway by ventilating the baby and provides an extra oxygen supply to the lungs and circulatory system.

NeoFlow T-Piece Resuscitation Circuits

NeoFlow T-Piece Resuscitation Limbs are supplied with BioCote®, antimicrobial protection to limit the number of microbes on the surface, protecting it from microbial colonisation.

NeoFlow Resuscitation Masks

NeoFlow resuscitation masks are available in 4 sizes, ranging from neonate to small child.