Patient Interfaces

Our NeoFlow® patient interfaces provide effective and gentle ventilation whilst reducing stress and increasing comfort to baby.

NeoFlow High Flow Nasal Cannula

NeoFlow ultra soft nasal high flow cannula include fixation and securement options.

NeoFlow Bonnet

The NeoFlow bonnet is made from ultra soft material and easy to size, fit and adjust. The greater scope of the bonnets means fewer sizes are needed and leads to reduced inventory and economical benefit.

NeoFlow nCPAP Generator Set

The NeoFlow nCPAP generator with accurate pressure/flow curve includes a support cradle for a stable midline placement reducing the potential for a nasal tissue injury.

NeoFlow Nasal Masks and Prongs

NeoFlow masks and prongs are suitable for single use in combination with nCPAP therapy.

NeoFlow Resuscitation Masks

NeoFlow resuscitation masks are available in 4 sizes, ranging from neonate to small child.