Invasive Ventilation

Breathing support is an important part of clinical management in the NICU. An artificial airway and full ventilatory support may be required to assist infants with their breathing, this should be delivered with heated, humidified gases to increase comfort, promote growth & development and lower infection risk.

Invasive Ventilation Therapy

Breathing support is an important part of the clinical management of babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.

AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier

The AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier is used to warm and humidify gases delivered to patients who require respiratory support via a tracheal tube, face mask or nasal cannula.

NeoFlow VT Infant Heated and Humidified Ventilator Circuits

NeoFlow VT, an advanced ventilator circuit that intuitively manages moisture throughout the system, reaches the optimum therapy delivery quickly and maintains it consistently. This allows you to focus on your patient, not the circuit; helping you to improve outcomes.