Breathing Circuits

AquaVENT® NEO Heated Breathing Systems

AquaVENT® NEO Heated Breathing Systems combine technological advances in thermal conductivity and breathing circuit construction to deliver optimal and controlled humidification.

High Flow Oxygen Therapy Circuits

NeoFlow High Flow ciruits are created for easy transition to and from nCPAP, bubble CPAP or invasive ventilation.

nCPAP Breathing Circuits

NeoFlow nCPAP circuits are compatible with the majority of flow drivers. Flexibility of use reduces the need to hold multiple circuits in stock.

Bubble CPAP

NeoFlow Bubble CPAP provides a safe, consistent and accurate method of delivering humidified respiratory support to spontaneously breathing neonates.

Ventilator Circuits

NeoFlow Ventilator Circuits include active humidification, high frequency oscillation and transport options.

Resuscitation System

The NeoFlow blender and resuscitation circuits provide accurate control of flow, O₂ and PEEP.