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Constant Low Vacuum Wound Drainage System with an output bag attached, made by Armstrong Medical.

Wound Drainage

Includes Constant Low Vacuum Wound Drainage Systems, Drentech Silicone Reservoir, High Vacuum Wound Drainage, Constant Low Vacuum, Wound drainage, Redax Silicone Drainage System, Summit Medical Wound Drainage System, Summit Medical Pulse Lavage.

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Timesco shakerscope and handles, distributed in Ireland by Armstring Medical.

Laryngoscopic Systems

Laryngoscopic Systems including Timesco Callisto Fibre Optic Laryngoscope System, Timesco ION Engin, Timeesco ION-R Engine, Optic CLX Fibre Optic Blades, Orion Standard Light Laryngoscope Systems, Shakerscope, Timesco Single Use Skin, Timesco XLED Fibre Optic Handles

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image of a neira guard by Armstrong Medical

Neria™ Guard

Neria™ Guard is an all-in-one soft infusion set with an integrated one touch inserter. With a unique, automatically retracting needle, Neria Guard™ can help minimise complications and improve insertion comfort.

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