AquaVENT® FD140

The AquaVENT® FD140 is a flow driver which provides quick and simple transition between high flow oxygen therapy and CPAP

Flow Meters

Armstrong Medical provides flow meters to be connected to high flow and low flow blenders.

POINT® System

POINT® (Peri-Operative Insufflatory Nasal Therapy) delivers many benefits to patient and clinician across multiple Perioperative applications

Maxventuri® Flow Driver

Maxventuri® uses the well established Venturi Prinicple, allowing users to mix ambient air and oxygen without the need for piped medical grade air.

AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier

The AquaVENT® Heater Humidifier is used to warm and humidify gases delivered to patients who require respiratory support via a tracheal tube, face mask or nasal cannula.

Maxblend (Discontinued)

Highflow blender