PEEP Valves

Clariti PEEP Valves - The Clariti range includes 7 colour coded PEEP valves ranging from 2.5-20cmH2O and are 100% leak-free guaranteed

Spirale® Drug Delivery System

Spirale® Drug Delivery System (DDS) spacer for Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI)
Reduce the risk of pathogen transmission.

Breathing Bags

Breathing bags are available in sizes 0.5L, 1.0L, 2.0L and 3.0Litre with/without the tubing limb.


Armstrong Medical offers a wide range of accessories. They can be ordered within breathing circuits or on their own in large quantities. The range includes connectors, caps, nebuliser, cross-pieces, t-pieces, elbows, gas sampling lines, flow sensors, water traps, heater wires, hangers, humdification chamber, and mouthpieces.

Ultra-PEP Secretion clearance

Secretion clearance for spontaneous breathing patients.

CPAP – Components

A range of CPAP components are available for use with our CPAP face masks, headgear and breathing systems. Components can be assembled to your requirements or purchased separately.

Oro-Nasal Tube Securement Device

Metro Seal™ is a disposable, medical adhesive and thermoplastic elastomer, tube securement device.



Pleural Drainage Sets

In hospital practice, pleural drainage (thoracocentesis) may be required in many different clinical settings for a variety of indications e.g. pneumothorax, malignant pleural effusions, pleural effusion associated sepsis.