AMSORB®Plus Challenge

Take the AMSORB® Plus Challenge to compare against current practice.

AMSORB® Plus Trial Guide

AMSORB® Plus has been shown to provide significant savings in Absorbent, Anaesthetic agent and disposal costs.

To demonstrate these savings run the AMSORB® Plus challenge to compare against current practice.


The AMSORB® Plus challenge has five stages:

1. Audit

Audit all current cost factors.

2. Benchmark

Create a cost benchmark per OR/month to measure Amsorb® Plus against.

3. Educate

  1. Engage all stake holders, (Procurement, Pharmacy, Clinical, Technical, Waste Management) to educate on the differences between and Sodalime.
  2. Seek acknowledgement on benefits, Patient safety, Environmental and Financial.
    • Confirm that unit price may be more but the challenge will seek to prove that when all cost factors are considered will cost less.
    • Confirm that the stake holders will implement if this proves the case
  3. Gain commitment to change practice for AMSORB® Plus,
    • Replace only on FiCO2 0.5,
    • Dispose in non-hazardous waste, *If currently disposing soda lime in non-hazardous waste seek agreement that this is not in line with best practice.
  4. Identify project leads, brief and seek commitment for collection of data. Detail stickers for Absorbent cannisters and Agent bottles. Agree collection of disposed items.

4. Evaluation

  1. Recommended 2ORs for 4 weeks Sodalime and repeat for Amsorb.
  2. Select ORs busy every day and average operating time 1-4hrs.
  3. Avoid ORs with regular Regional/local Anaethesia, Sedation, procedures <1h.
  4. Collect data for Sodalime first, collate with empty cannisters and bottles. Complete each day, ensure Anaesthesia time is complete.
  5. Educate on change in protocol with Amsorb, Absorbent replacement & Disposal in non-hazardous waste.

5. Results

  1. Confirm data sheets are complete and compare with empty cannisters, bottle.
  2. Send completed sheets to Armstrong.
  3. Armstrong will consolidate Data and present pack with highlights.
  4. Present back to stake holders.

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