NeoFlow Resuscitation System

Neonatal resuscitation system

Our NeoFlow resuscitation system includes accurate and tactile PEEP control (1). The tubing construction has enhanced flexibility to prevent kinking and aid handling of the system.

NeoFlow resuscitation systems can be supplied with facemasks, O2 connecting tube and O2 analyser T-piece, and also includes a universal connection for all common devices. Our NeoFlow and Blender Buddy can be connected to any neonatal resuscitator for accurate control of flow and O2 concentration and includes integral oxygen monitoring. 

NeoFlow resuscitation systems contain BioCote® antimicrobial silver additive to limit the number of microbes on the surface of the breathing circuit, protecting it from microbial colonisation.  

Captured Valve - Valve cannot be removed

Red Safety Cap - Protects when not being used. Used to seal circuit for leak testing. Aids in setting of PEEP and PIP.

BioCote® - Safety Infection Control

Tactile Pressure Control - Enhanced PEEP Control

Adaptors  -  Included is multiple adaptors to fit multiple resuscitation units

Length  -   Available from length 0.9m - 1.5m

Mask  -  Can be included in circuit 

Oxygen Tubing  -  Can be included in circuit

Customisation  -  Availability to provide specific circuit with accessories tailored to customers needs

Resuscitation Accessories  -  NeoFlow BlenderBlenderBuddy, Pressure flow restrictor

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Product Codes & Configurations

NeoFlow Neo Natal resuscitation system

Product Code Description Box Qty Image

NeoFlow limb 1.2m with size 0 mask (small infant)



NeoFlow limb length 1.2m



NeoFlow limb length 1.5m


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