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SAFE-Flow addresses the problem of backtracking, one of the most common areas of administrative error during drug delivery.

Incorporating two non-return valves, SAFE-Flow ensures the right direction for drug delivery every time.

In 2009 the National Patient Safety Agency published recommendations by the Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group (SALG) for drug infusion through the same cannula[1].

SALG identified that a non-return valve prevents backflow of anaesthetic agent into the intravenous fluid line ensuring the patient is receiving the drug as intended.

An MHRA Alert in 2010 further highlighted the risk of backtracking with IV lines entering multiple ports[2].

Using SAFE-Flow will help reduce your concerns.


[1] National Patient Safety Agency, Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group, Guaranteeing Drug Delivery in Total Intravenous Anaesthesia, October 2009
[2] MHRA, Medical Device Alert, Intravenous (IV) extension sets with multiple ports: all brands, September 2010

*Access Port 1 - principal needle-free IV access

*Access Port 2 - secondary needle-free IV access, with minimal deadspace

*Non-return valves - prevents backtracking and eliminates the risk of under-infusion or unintentional bolus delivery of drug

*Thumb clamp - allows for single-handed action

*J-Loop - minimises the risk of line kinking and provides stabilisation of cannulae

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MDIF510 SAFE-Flow system, double valve


MDIF520 IV extension set with 1-way valve


MDIF610 SAFE-Flow system, double valve with needle-free connectors


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