Autologous Blood Transfusion

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Available from Armstrong Medical in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

CellTrans Post-operative Autologous Blood Transfusion System.

CellTrans™ provides an effective solution to the goal of conserving banked blood.

  • Complete set - all components in a transit bag providing everything required for an Autologous Blood Transfusion and prevents loss of components during transfer to ward
  • Continuous low vacuum - in accordance with aaBB guidelines this system operates below 100mmHg and provides a vacuum during its operation. Reduces the need for constant monitoring and reduces the risk of haematoma and haemolysis
  • Easy to use - product is easy and simple to use
  • Wound drainage - once both transfusion bags have been used, the device may be used as a conventional low vacuum wound drainage device
  • Closed system - reduces the risk of patient infection from airborne bacteria 
  • Latex free - prevents any potential latex allergy
  • Non pyrogenic - monitored for bacterial endotoxin levels by the LAL test
  • Cost effective - can provide up to 1200ml of blood per patient
  • Training - tailored to meet the needs of customers 
  • Fat filter - reduces Leucocytes, Fat Globules, C3a and Microaggregates 
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Product Codes & Configurations

Autologous Blood Transfusion Accessories

Product Code Description Box Qty Image

Transfusion filter & admin set



700ml replacement collection bag with tap



700ml replacement collection tapless bag


CellTrans Post-operative Autologous Blood Transfusion System containing 1 x Bellows, Patient Line with a Y connector and a resealable injection/sample port, 2 x Trocar and single length PUR drains, 2 x 600ml transfusion bags

Product Code Description Box Qty Image
STAB200-10 With 2 x size 10Ch needle and PUR drain


STAB200-12 With 2 x size 12Ch needle and PUR drain


STAB200-14 With 2 x size 14Ch needle and PUR drain


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