Single Use Skin

Available from Armstrong Medical in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

Single Use Skin Handles are the optimum way to reduce cross infection and eliminate reprocessin costs.

Uniquely, this patented handle has no working parts so is very low cost and will fit ISO 7376 fibre blades. It is ideal to use with any engine that best suits your requirements.

  • The lens for the LED in the engine is built into the one piece handle design so the handle provides a real sealed environment for the engine, protecting it from any possible contamination.
  • These handles uniquely have an on/off button instead of the traditional “push down” collar.
  • A totally sealed very economic handle. Clear, transparent design allows the user to see the engine inside to see if it is Kinetic, dry cell or rechargeable. Also, the clearly visible instructions on the engine provide excellent guidance for use.
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Single Use Skin

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Single Use Skin Handle


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