Available from Armstrong Medical in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

The Shakerscope Engine is the only Kinetically powered battery engine available for medical device handles. Protected by worldwide patents, the Shakerscope Engine means never buying batteries again, ever.

The Shakerscope Engine is kinetically powered, therefore you will never have to use batteries again.

Clever, simple, brilliant.

Shake the engine for 30 seconds to provide the user with 3 minutes of light. The handle is clearly labelled with branding and instructions for ease of use.

Covered by a 5 year guarantee.

  • Intelligent power - Shake the engine for 30 seconds for 3 minutes of light with no loss of intensity during the 3 minutes. If there is insufficient charge to provide 3 minutes of light, the LED flashes rapidly for 1 second and switches off. When there is less than 1 minute of light available the LED will flash once every 5 seconds. When there is less than 20 seconds of light available, the LED will flash once every second.
  • Intelligent led & locator pin - The super bright intelligent LED provides a predefined lux output and communicates to the user the state of charge available. The engines have a locator pin to ensure they cannot be inserted into an incorrect handle.
  • The metal head provides a secure fitting for ISO 7376 Fibre Optic blades, and the sealed glass lens protects the engine from contamination and focuses the illumination from the LED perfectly up through the applied blade.
  • The handles and engines are labeled clearly with branding and instructions. They are also colour coded for ease of identification.
  • Unique on/off button 
  • Antimicrobial & fully autoclaveable 
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Shakerscope Kinetic Energy Engine



Shakerscope Kinetic Energy Engine & Handle Starter Set



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