Small lumen ventilator, Ventrain®

Ventrain® is the first ventilation device that provides adequate ventilation through a narrow-bore catheter, specifically designed for ’cannot intubate, cannot ventilate’ emergencies, even in case of a completely obstructed upper

Ventrain® not only insufflates oxygen, but also provides active removal of  gas from the lungs reduces the chance of intrapulmonary pressure build-up and risks of barotrauma and circulatory collapse.

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  • Full ventilation in a patient with a blocked upper airway
  • Expiratory ventilation assistance through a 2mm catheter
  • Inspiration / expiration ratio of about 1:1
  • More than 6 litres minute volume
  • Connection for capnometry
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Small lumen ventilator, Ventrain®

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Ventrain Emergency Kit

(includes Ventrain® and Cricath®)


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